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Media coverage can amplify a story and add third-party credibility to a message, and Pressly has a proven ability to generate up to 38% more media pickup than other providers with our kickass technology platform, as well as ranking #1 with journalists and bloggers as the most trusted press release news source.

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How we are different than those XYZ Newswire?

You must have tried those XYZ Newswire services in the past and must be wondering why you didn't get expected coverage despite of those pretty reports shared by these companies.


Our forte is our technology, which puts us years ahead our competitors. Our technology allowes you to choose the news site of your choice with an ability to post any release on them in real-time followed by real-time analytics.

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The inherent #SEO value of press release distribution via wire services is exactly zero, and has been for years. We make sure your release will not be tagged nofollow/noindex anywhere and get 100% index rate on search engines.

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If you’ve done your job and the news you’ve created is interesting, the next step is to tell that story and our content creation team is better than the best. So you don;t have to worry about garbage ROI anymore.

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